Quality Fuel Products and Services

Commercial, industrial, and agricultural. Frawley Oil services them all. We specialize in premium diesel fuels that help reduce emissions while increasing miles per gallon. Keep your filters and injectors clean, and your pumps running strong with our competitively priced diesel additives. For the cold winter months, you can trust that we will do our best to keep you diesel running smooth without icing or gelling. We only sell premium fuel, because we believe that’s what is best for our customers.

Frawley Oil Company offers competitive locked in pricing options that can be tailored to any type of business. We specialize in working with our agriculture accounts and try our best to get them the best price for planting/harvest season. Call Brian today at 262-473-8605.

Fuel Trailers can help keep your machinery and generators running around the clock. Frawley Oil Company offers onsite gas powered 1000/500 gallon tanks that will give you quick access to large amounts of fuel. Save money and keep all your machinery at the job site, instead of driving back and forth to the gas station refuel.